Having an environment that is clean and decent enough for our people would be an a milestone to this charitable organization.


A restored and conserved environment for a healthy and quality living standard in Kenya.


  • Child, Youth: centerdness integration

  • Gender Equality

  • Empowerment, sustainability and co-operation


Mountain view conservation programme is committed to achieving in meeting the needs of the people it serves in poor rural and urban slams communities by continues improvement of its programmes process and services.


The organization is trustworthiness and openness within a pleasant working atmosphere.


The organization believes in proper use of all resources available at its disposal.


The organization believes in duty to- taking on social responsibility wherever it implements its activities.


The organization believes in efficient and effective teamwork as the most valuable contribution towards the success of its mission.


The organization believes in fair dealings with each other and with its partners based on equal rights for everyone.


The organization in itself is gender conscious thus we balance the multicultural genders we - awe in the region. Focusing on development and empowerment of the women in the community by outreach programmes such as this has made us a favorite among many of the charitable organizations around.


This time round would like to change the cultural and urban; perspective, which; by taking care of the environment is perceived an economical and financial venture to many. We as an organization have laid down, goals to ensure that our organization is strict with issues related to eco and environment conservation. The following are the adjectives:-

  1. Increase networking and partnership among environmental and other related organizations at various levels: local, national regional and multinational

  2. To provide a strategical platform for development of eco and natural environment within the urban and rural dwellings.

  3. To sensitize and strengthen capacities of NGO�S and CBO'S in the area of environmental conservation both in rural and urban setting.


To support domestic water supply, sanitation programme, environment and environmental conservation to disadvantages poor, rural and urban slams, To communities in constructing and rehabilitating degraded environment and it's environ. The organization in itself supports the disadvantaged rural poor community with the establishment of tree nurseries and protected water catchments areas. The organization capacity ensures that rural and urban areas slum m D - I ties are able to plan: and implement development activities. The organization believes that can be only achieved through working with local community with necessary competence with the following activities;-

  • Research and link with other environmental organization.

  • Capacity building of its partner CBO'S and NGO'S in bath rural and urban-areas to enable them to be effective in implementation.

  • Promotion of better and equitable governance both in rural and urban areas.

  • Supporting of awareness creation and sensitization and for both men and women through workshop: and training at various levels.

  • Facilitates empowerment of people living m poverty focusing on participation planning and budgeting: process, in order to equip them with skills which will enable them to meet their needs.

  • Use of communication media and other forums to sensitize duty bearers of all the partners about the importance of the environmental conservation.


  1. Networking and partnership building by supporting consultative workshop and advocacy coalation at local national and international level.

  2. Capacity building in form of training for partners on environmental development in the country.

  3. Information collection and dissemination.

  4. This involves assessment and analysis of environmental issues across the country and identifies actors and issues of environment at all levels.


Maintain & Protect Our Environment    Go Green